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Defeating the two sides of addiction

Cup of coffee and notebookYour addiction to smoking has two causes:  your body’s need for nicotine and the habit of smoking.

When you smoke, nicotine is delivered to the brain lightning fast and gives you feelings of pleasure and relaxation. When you stop smoking, the nicotine leaves your body very quickly, usually within a day or two. But your brain has become accustomed to getting nicotine regularly. It responds by sending your body signals to tell it you need a cigarette.

This is why most people experience very strong feelings of temptation for up to four weeks after they stop smoking. Even after the first few weeks the desire to smoke can return from time to time.

It is not just nicotine addiction that makes it difficult to stop smoking. You also have to break the habit. Your brain links the pleasurable feelings it gets from nicotine to the act of smoking. This is why, when your brain is starved of nicotine it responds to that by giving you the desire to smoke.

Most people smoke in the same situations, such as during work breaks, when they are feeling stress, when they drink or after meals. Because of the strong link between these situations and smoking, you will find it harder to beat the temptation to smoke at these times.

So to stop smoking for good you need a plan that tackles both sides of your addiction: the need for nicotine and the smoking habit.

One way to increase your chances of beating your need for nicotine is using a product like NicoDermCQ®.  With this treatment you replace the nicotine you used to get from cigarettes with a safer source. These help you overcome temptation, while you gradually reduce your body’s dependency on nicotine.

But to increase your chances of success even further, you also need to break the habit of smoking. There are lots of positive actions you can take to help you do this. Taking part in a behavioral support program (BSP) like NicoDermCQ® a good way to find out about these actions and make use of them in a way that works best for you.

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