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Getting support while quitting

When you make the decision to quit smoking, you have taken the first step on an important and life-changing journey. Just making that decision shows you have the will and determination to succeed. The reality is though, you will face temptation many times on that journey and at times it will be hard to resist. But you don’t have to face temptation on your own.

Your best chance of success is to build a support network around you to help you when temptation strikes. Here are some of the sources of support you can draw on:

NicoDerm® CQ®

NicoDerm® CQ®  is a behavioral support program (BSP) that lets you build a quitting plan that suits you. As well as being a useful source of advice, it also gives you the opportunity to track your moments of temptation. This way, you will start to understand when and where temptation is strongest for you. Being armed with this knowledge will help you avoid those situations. Because NicoDermCQ® is used by many other people who share your desire for a smoke-free life, it is also a good source of encouragement and support

Family, friends and co-workers

The people closest to you can be great sources of support, but you should be aware that some may not be. Family and friends who smoke may be put out because you will not be able to socialize or spend time with them in the same way.

You might think that non-smoking family and friends who have been pushing you to quit would be good sources of support. But the pressure they put on you can have a negative effect while you are quitting, so they might not be the best people to turn to when you need support.

The best approach with those closest to you is to be honest about your desire to stop smoking.  Let them know how important it is to you. If they are smokers, ask them not to smoke around you or offer you cigarettes. Come to an arrangement with smokers who live with you about when and where they will smoke. Ask them to keep their cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays out of sight. Let non-smoking family and friends know that this is a personal journey for you. Ask them to support you by not offering advice unless you ask them. When socializing, ask family and friends to meet you in places where smoking is not permitted.

Join a gym or hire a personal trainer

Woman-on-exercise-bikeOne of the benefits of quitting smoking is enjoying a new, healthier you. By joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer you will really feel positive about this change to your life. You will also have a fun and rewarding activity to occupy you when temptation is strong.


Share your experiences with others

The internet is a great source of personal success stories from people who have stopped smoking. You could also set up a blog or use a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter to share your own experiences.

Join a support group or get a counselor

The advantage of talking with one or more people who don’t know you is that they have no vested interest in whether or not you succeed. That means they can give you advice or just be someone to talk to without any personal issues getting in the way.

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