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Registering and Logging On

Only online and registered users can access their NicoDerm® CQ® Committed Quitters plan on our website. You will need to register before you are to able to log on. When registering, please remember to provide correct details and to give us consent for processing your information.

Once you have registered and received your username and password, you can log in and build your plan through the log on area in the top right-hand corner of the website page. Should you experience any difficulties in registering to use the site, or logging on, please contact us Your username and password are case sensitive: please ensure your CAPS lock is not on when entering your details. Your plan is available for use immediately upon completion of registration.

Website Problems

The NicoDerm® CQ® Committed Quitters website currently supports the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

If you are using a different web browser you may experience problems accessing the website. Please note that cookies must be enabled in your browser.

Using Cookies

You will need to activate the cookies in your web browser before enrolling and accessing the NicoDerm® CQ® Committed Quitters website. The intention of cookies is to make this website more secure. The user is automatically logged off if there is no activity for a certain time, or if the browser is closed down. Cookies are therefore a means of protecting your confidential health data. This cookie is not stored on your hard disk. It is automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser.

How do I confirm my plan?

When building your plan you’ll see green ticks replacing the blue dots beside the section titles (‘Quit driver’; ‘Smoking habits’; ‘Product selection’, etc.). When all of these sections have green ticks beside them, hit ‘Create my account’ at the bottom of the ‘Personal details’ section to create your plan.

How do I record a temptation?

To record a temptation, click the ‘Track my temptation’ tab on the ‘Today’ page (the ‘Today’ page is your homepage, which is the first page you will see each time you log-in). On the ‘track my temptation’ page, select from the ‘Just Now’, ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’ options, depending on when you were tempted. From there, just follow the onscreen prompts.

How can I edit recorded temptations if I made a mistake?

At the moment it is not possible to edit temptations once they have been recorded. Please try to ensure that you enter the correct information when recording temptations.

How does the website differentiate between smoking/non-smoking days?

Before your quit day, any day for which no information is provided is assumed to be a smoking day. From quit day onwards, any day for which no information is provided is assumed to be a non-smoking day.

How do I opt out of receiving emails?

If you do not want to receive emails from NicoDerm® CQ® Committed Quitters, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the homepage. On the settings page, click ‘I wish to unsubscribe from marketing emails’. This takes you to the ‘Preferences’ page. Check the box beneath ‘Your preferences’ to unsubscribe from system emails.

How do I opt in to receiving emails?

If you have previously opted out of receiving emails but now want to receive them, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the homepage. On the settings page, click ‘I wish to unsubscribe from marketing emails’. This takes you to the ‘Preferences’ page. Uncheck the box beneath ‘Your preferences’ to subscribe to system emails.

Why can't I backdate my plan for longer than 1 month?

The first few weeks of your program are the most important, and it’s during this period that the information you record is really useful in terms of creating your temptation profile. For this reason, at this time it’s not possible to backdate a quit plan for longer than 1 month.

Why isn't the site recognizing my password?

NicoDerm® CQ® Committed Quitters passwords are case sensitive. Please check that you are entering your password correctly.

Site tips

The following information is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the way the site works, and specifically how the statistics relating to your quit are calculated:

Good days (halo)

Any day when you beat temptation and stay smoke-free is a good day. That’s why those days are marked in your calendar with a halo: so you can see how well you’re doing at a glance!

Not-so-good days (thundercloud)

Sometimes you can experience a little slip on the way to a smoke-free life. A lapse of one or two or even a few cigarettes should not spoil your efforts! Throw away your cigarettes, forgive yourself and continue with the program. Mistakes like these can teach us how to do better, which is why you’ll see a thundercloud on your calendar marking those days when you smoke. We hope you won’t see many, or even any of these, but if you do just think of what you learned from that experience!


If there’s anything you want to see a lot of on your daily calendar, it’s trophies! These appear on your second and fourth smoke-free days in a row, after one and two weeks of not smoking, and on a monthly basis for three months after your quit date. See how many you can get!

Average temptations

Your average temptations are calculated by dividing the number of temptations recorded by days since your quit attempt began.

Resisting period

Your resisting period is calculated according to smoke-free days since the beginning of your quit attempt.

Saved money prediction

This prediction is calculated by subtracting your quit date from the projected date, multiplied by your cigarettes per day amount, minus cigarettes recorded as smoked, multiplied by average pack price ($5) divided by 20. The projected date is 3, 6, 9 or 12 months from your quit date (nearest future date that is more than a week away from the current date). Do not use NRT if you continue to smoke.

Events on Date

Your temptation events show how many times you were tempted on a particular day.

Cigarettes cut out

The number of cigarettes you have cut out since joining Committed Quitters is based on the number of cigarettes you smoked per day multiplied by the days since your quit date, minus individual cigarettes smoked.

Resisting temptation

This shows how many times you were tempted on the last day on which you recorded temptations, excluding today.

Saved money monitor

Your savings to date are based on days since quit day multiplied by the number of cigarettes you used to smoke per day before giving up, minus cigarettes recorded as smoked since your quit day, multiplied by the US average pack price ($5) divided by 20. (Does not include the cost of NRT)

Why it's a good idea to print out your contract

However determined you are, it can really help to have a physical reminder of the decision you’ve made. By printing out your quit contract and putting it somewhere visible (you could pin it to your fridge or keep it in your wallet), you’ll be reminded of the important step you’ve taken towards living a smoke-free life.

Time monitor

The time you have saved by not smoking is based on the amount of time you would have spent smoking (average length of time taken to smoke a cigarette (3.5 minutes) multiplied by the number of cigarettes you used to smoke per day multiplied by the number of days since your quit dates minus any time spent smoking due to slips after your quit date.

How to reset your plan

From the ‘Update my plan’ tab you can select the option to reset your plan. This will take you back to the ‘quitting reasons’ page, allowing you to re-enter your details and re-launch your quit attempt.

How to personalize your today page

You can personalize your today page by customizing your avatar. Just click the link below the current one to select something different. You can add pictures to help you visualize your reasons for quitting, too. Click the link in the ‘your reasons for quitting’ section to choose from our image library, or upload a photo of your own!

Check spam folder on email for BSP message (and add to safe senders list)

Remember to check your spam folder for emails from NicoDerm® CQ® Committed Quitters, and add our address to your safe senders list to ensure you receive all our communications. Emails from Committed Quitters contain information on your NicoDerm® CQ® usage and mark milestones throughout your quit, so you’ll want to be receiving them!

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